The largest showcase

Endless possibilities,
unique in Belgium

The Centre Monnaie renewal project involves renovating all of the commercial space on three separate floors. The overhaul also includes removing the galleries, moving the metro station entrance to the corner of place de la Monnaie and rue de l’Evêque, and replacing the building façades. With this new configuration, stores can span across two or even three floors. All of the latest technology has been incorporated in the design as well to provide the best user experience.

The largest showcase
of downtown Brussels

In designing the façade, the architects wanted to use the building’s visual impact and location to create an open and airy space at the top end of rue Neuve. The base of the building will be covered in glass panels on all sides, and on all four storeys of office space.

At 16 m tall, this façade is equal to the height of the Théâtre de la Monnaie.

The new façade is shaped like an asymmetrical ribbon made out of glass, a mirror which reflects the immediate surroundings. Silkscreen patterns are dotted along the glass surface, creating a musical atmosphere. The ensemble features an awning, providing shoppers and passers-by with natural climate control as they walk around the building. 

The awning projects outwards from all four corners of the building, and notably above the entrance to the metro station.” 

Grégoire de Jerphanion
Founding Partner and Architect,
DDS & Partners