Triple A

A prime location with a potential
of 15 million visitors

The Mint is strategically located at the top end of rue Neuve, Belgium’s busiest shopping street and one of Europe’s most successful examples of high street retailing. Every year, 15 million fashionistas flock to rue Neuve to scoop up their favourite brands from the world’s leading retailers.

Aware of this as-yet-untapped potential, the city of Brussels launched a large-scale plan to redevelop the downtown core as a way to increase economic vitality, promote tourism and foster an inclusive community atmosphere.
By expanding the pedestrian zone, the city hopes to maximise the appeal of the city centre and showcase its extraordinary cultural heritage, providing a safer and more enjoyable environment for pedestrians and cyclists, while minimising the impact on mobility and traffic flow.

The Mint will be in the middle of an interconnected ensemble offering a wide range of shopping, dining and entertainment options including a cineplex, a theatre and
a casino, all in a pleasant urban environment.
The whole experience has been carefully engineered to meet the needs of the next generation of hyper-connected shoppers and tourists, all over the world.

City Renewal

The Rue Neuve will be renovated in 2016-2017 in continuation of the successful renovation of Place de la Monnaie and Rue des Fripiers.

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